Day Trips

Now that you've decided that Marbella is your holiday destination, you might look into the idea of exploring our beautiful surroundings.

There is so much to discover!

Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada and Ronda are just the top of the iceberg of what's around us and here below you see just a few examples of the tours we have, but get in touch and we'll tailor make you one according to your likings.

Take a Walk on the King's Path

El Caminito del Rey (The King's Little Path) is a walkway pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, the cute lakes you see in the back of Malaga airport when landing or taking off.

With a length of of 7.2 km, it's a unique hike in this part of the world and great to do in every season, no scary nor dangerous at all, as you might read somewhere else online, but a unique experience even for the not so fit. Trust us!

Why should i visit Caminito del Rey? Because it's something totally different and unexpected when you come to Marbella or Malaga for your sunny beach holiday.

You can of course pair up the day trip with a visit to the nearby villages or Ardales or Alora and enjoy some unique inland Andalucian foods.

Tickets: https://www.caminitodelrey.inf... Only buy from the official site!

They also offer guided tours in English, if you wish to go in a tour with other people or learn some extra facts about the History of El Caminito.

How To Get There: Ideally rent a car and park it by the North entrance or take a public bus there.

Respectful Whale Watching in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, Orcas, Fin Whales, dolphins - which species occur in the Strait and what do we know about them?

Watch whales and dolphins in freedom in Europe! From the Spanish town Tarifa, the firmm-team around Katharina Heyer researches the marine mammals of the Strait of Gibraltar. Be part of it and experience impressive moments!

Ronda the Dreamt City

Locally known as the home of Bandoleros and their romantic tales, it has enchanted internationally known cultural celebrities like Orson Well and Rilche, who found inspiration among its beautiful setup. The New bridge has an impressive height of over 450 meters, can be admired by both sides with a short walk and Ronda is also home to the eldest bull ring in Spain. Not to mention the food options like rosemary goat cheese or carrillada. A day trip from the coast is a must.

Tangier: a day or two is up to you

only 35 min from ferry from Tarifa it's great for a day trip, but you can also stay the night to explore the culture a bit better

Mijas: The world most famous white village

Yes, the one with the donkey taxis, spectacular views of the coast from Malaga to Gibraltar and colorful little alleys to get lost into or the large square with 100s of small shops to choose from for an authentic souvenir


Tour Granada & Alhambra with an architect & story teller

Masquetours offers the most inquisitive travelers different tours, without any hurry to appreciate every space and detail. I am an architect specializing in Heritage, city, and Andalusian architecture. My concept of a guided tour goes beyond mere information: it is an experience of knowledge of the place, an authentic immersion in Andalusian towns and villages.
+34 652 508 583

This is a one-of-a-kind experience to really immerse you in the Andalucian country culture: learning about goats.

Drive to Casa Bermeja, just behind Malaga, and you'll get to meet the Malaga goat, how they're bred and how the cheese is made. Spend the day in the beautiful surroundings and see something different than the beach.


Organic Brewery in Islantilla, Huelva

Hire a car and discover the wildest part of Andalucia heading West, spectacular beaches, and natural landmarks. And visit Ruben's restaurant and brewery for a tour and tasting of unique craft beers. Located in a quiet beer garden, the restaurant offers innovative homemade dishes by the owner and chef Ruben, while Mayte will welcome you with open hands. A power couple giving it all to deliver a unique experience.