2024 Travel Trends

Welcome to the new year and amidst the most hectic weekS of #bookingseason we can establish that #2024 is going to be another record breaking year for MARBELLA as a destination and Skol Apartments Marbella, as holiday rentals (nearly a resort) 

According to the expert's research, these below will be the trends generally across Europe, as Europe’s most popular destinations (particularly France, Spain, the UK, and Italy) and of course, we have adapted them and added our own input.


when possible, we will travel for longer, if we can work remotely for at least a couple of hours each day, instead of going for a week, we'll travel for 2. 

What's the advantage? That the family will enjoy a longer holiday and we'll get to experience a different way of working and lifestyle.

Now that Digital Nomading and Remote Working are socially accepted, and mental health is a top priority, why should we not take advantage of it and have a healthier lifestyle, with more balance across all areas of our life?

POV: computers and water do not pair well, the photo is just a promo, but recliners on terraces with sea views are heaven!

you can check the #officewithview hashtag on Instagram and see where people work from


if we have to travel for business or work, we’ll extend a day or 2 to explore the city or the destination. 
Quite differently from the above point, let's say we travel for an event or a conference that is 2 days, well, we take a day before and a day after to travel and one in between to discover, but on those days we do not work, we're just on holiday, hence the term: a blend between Business and Leisure.

We take advantage of this trend every time we go to a conference across Europe and use the extra days to explore the cities like locals.

Holiday Rentals on the Rise:

  • More space & freedom for our holidays, we’re beyond tired of the shoebox room and must have breakfast by 10am because it’s included in the price. 
  • We're now looking for a cozier choice of accommodation, more space to enjoy, freedom to relax, explore, and even cook meals at home, a dedicated or easy to turn into working area, as now work from home is work from any home and anywhere.
  • Not only cozier but way more affordable, let's make the example of a family of 4, for the price of 2 double rooms for one week, you can have a 2 bedrooms apartment for 2 weeks.



Both on the environmental & social aspect of it, we’re more conscious every time that we need to focus on it to make a positive impact when traveling and leave the destination in a better place than we found it.

    Try to save water, recycle, switch off lightbulbs, exactly like you do at home, but also

    Stay in Eco friendly B&B or holiday rentals, book with a local provider rather than a big corporation, travel to destination out of season, shop & eat local, leaving money in the destination, engage with locals understanding their way of living, their culture, really having an immersive experience rather than just take a few pictures rushing from one place to the next.

      You can make such a big difference when going on holiday just by making the right choices

      Active Holidays:

      we’ll all be looking to experience the destination with walks, hikes, bicycle tours, yoga on a yacht, 

      CrossFit on the beach or maybe something unique of destination you're visiting, like flamenco here in Andalucia or kickstarting a health program with a detox.

          Here in Marbella specifically there are some amazing hikes with lake swims in the hills behind and magnificent views


          Which means escaping the usual summer destinations in the Mediterranean that are getting warmer every year due to climate change and take a holiday in the North of Europe. 

          We're not too sure of this trend, as booking for summer 24 are stronger that 23 at this stage, and our own local response to extremely high temperature, is to spend as much time as possible in the shade or in the cool sea, because thanks to the proximity with the straight of Gibraltar and the Atlantic ocean, it's way cooler than the Eastern part of the Mediterranean.

            Impactful unique experiences: 

            Sleep in a cave feeling the energy of the earth, see the sunrise from an air baloon, go to a ceramic workshop and bring your creations home with you, go to a grandmother house to eat a home made paella while she share her family recipe with you, are only a few of the many activities you can try in and around Marbella to truly understand the culture of the destination.

            But anywhere in the world you go, research online, ask the locals and they'll sure recommend something unique that you'll treasure forever.

            Multi generation travel & skipping generation travel:

            Grandparents, parents and kids travel together to spend quality time together in a destination doing bonding activities together or grandparents take kids on holiday, when the parents can’t take time off and stay at home to enjoy quality time as a couple and maybe exploring their city as travellers and discovering new things on one's doorstep.

              Whichever the option, it's extremely enriching as it's a change to the routine.

                Off the Beaten Track:

                we’re not after the #instaworth destination or experience anymore, but discover something else, away from the usual touristic attractions, beaches and landmarks.

                Around Malaga there's the infamous Caminito del Rey with a 2 months waiting list, there are many unknown free hikes instead, like the canyon of Benahavis, the roman ruins of Medina Sidonia, Bolonia and further inland Merida.

                The Alhambra is great and must be seen once in a lifetime, but don't forget Sacromonte while you're there.

                Malaga, Marbella and Puerto Banus are known worldwide, but give Nerja, Estepona and Tarifa a chance too.

                    • Gastrotourism: 

                    • travel to a destination to try a specific food, cuisine or to go to a restaurant and build a holiday around it or just try as much of the local dishes as possible, ideally with family and friends.

                  Many of you will know of out Marbella Food Tours, where we show you where we normally eat authentic local cuisine, in local family run small restaurants, but being in international environment professionally, we get many visitors and we always take them out to our local favourites to try unique foods they wouldn't otherwise and they're all always delighted.

                  What do you think?

                  Are you thinking of embracing any of these trends? do you find them insightful? 

                  Looking forward to your opinions in the comments of the original post on Instagram or send us a message on WhatsApp and let us know what you think!

                  From our side, except from the Coolcations, we've been embracing them all since the return to travel in 2021 with great success and enrichment, because LIFE BEGINS OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!