Welcome Pet Lovers

Yes, we know... You love your furry friend so much, you want him or her to join you on holiday.

We totally get you, that's why 95% of our apartments are pet friendly.

Just look at how happy these here below look enjoying all that Marbella has to offer!


What to do in Marbella with pets?

Well, plenty options like for everything else, because we are a unique worldwide known destination, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your holiday.

You can walk on the promenade, around the Old Town, go to any bars or restaurants or shops, pets are welcome everywhere. 

You can have them run and play on the beach in the morning or the evening, when it's not so busy and warm, and you're very likely to find likeminded people with other dogs.

They're known to enjoy the sunsets as much as they're human friends and also love to be taken cycling along the boardwalk. 

And if you have any doubt and are not convinced from the smiling faces of Fluffy and Mandy here, well, 

get in touch with us and ask away any questions you may have!