Sustainable Experiences

Here you'll find some truly unique experiences you can try out and are sustainable in many ways:

Personal, Local, Respectful with the environment and award winnings.

Are you ready?

Walk around the Old Town with Javier 

Of the most knowledgeable Marbellero, he knows the hidden story behind every corner of our beautiful town, he will walk you through the cobblestones streets revealing all the hidden secrets and you'll never look at the houses the same way again. With his impeccable storytelling, he'll also shows you his favourite places to eat, drink and hang about.

And he also does walking tours of Malaga Old Town, so if you want an insider's look, then reach out to him and 

BOOK A TOUR WITH JAVIER he's on WhatsApp +34 689 99 37 01 and his website

Olive Oil Tasting in D'Oliva

Essential, surprising and fun at the same time. If you fancy venturing into the culture and discovering the benefits of our most emblematic product, you cannot miss out on this workshop!

Would you like to learn how to differentiate between Virgin Oil and Extra Virgin Oil? Could you distinguish an Arbequina Oil from a Picual? Why are some of them piquant and others aren't? Should we cook with Extra Virgin Oil? What are unfiltered oils, or first cold-pressed oils - myth or reality? Would you be able to tell an excellent oil from a lower quality or defective one?

These and many other questions will be answered in our introductory workshop on tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an essential course to get you started in this wonderful world of sensations and Mediterranean Cultural Heritage.

For the whole family: A fun workshop to be enjoyed with even the youngest members of the family.

BOOK: +34 633 900 690

    Wine Tasting 

    With an exquisite storytelling and finishing of cheese and ham and chorizo finishing in Casa Pablo

    Every Friday you have the perfect excuse to wrap up the week in style, also an excuse to catch up with friends and neighbours, at 6pm in Casa Pablo, as there's a different theme every week.

    The knowledgable sommelier will take you across 5 or 6 wines on the selected wine region with en exquisite story telling that totally absorb you and will make you savour the locally sourced wines even more. 

    Because in Casa Pablo, not only you'll find the trendy brands we all know, but also and more importantly the locally sourced unknown unique blends. 

    At every visit the push you to try and give them a chance and trust us, you won't be disappointed.

    Contact them her and BOOK YOUR WINE TASTING

    Take a Walk on the King's Path

    El Caminito del Rey (The King's Little Path) is a walkway pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, the cute lakes you see in the back of Malaga airport when landing or taking off.

    With a length of of 7.2 km, it's a unique hike in this part of the world and great to do in every season, no scary nor dangerous at all, as you might read somewhere else online, but a unique experience even for the not so fit. Trust us!

    Why should i visit Caminito del Rey? Because it's something totally different and unexpected when you come to Marbella or Malaga for your sunny beach holiday. 

    You can of course pair up the day trip with a visit to the nearby villages or Ardales or Alora and enjoy some unique inland Andalucian foods.

    Tickets: https://www.caminitodelrey.inf... Only buy from the official site! 

    They also offer guided tours in English, if you wish to go in a tour with other people or learn some extra facts about the History of El Caminito.

    How To Get There: Ideally rent a car and park it by the North entrance or take a public bus there.

    Take a Tour of Malaga in Electric Cars

    Electric Car Tour is an Active Tourism team Guided Tours in the City of Malaga. The Guided Tours are carried out in cars 100% electric, the two-seaters "Renault Twizy " and " Citroen AMI " that characterises it as an eco-friendly tour. 

    The travelers are accompanied by accredited local guides, in another vehicle guide. During the tour, several stops are made in emblematic spots to enjoy the views of Malaga, to take photos and explain a little more about his story. 

    Why do a tour with Electric Car Tour? The project helps travellers feel safe when it comes to getting to know the city during their stay here, in a fun, ecological, cultural and safe way.

    Various tour options available

    1, 2 and 3 hours, Gastronomic Tour or Inland Tour

    To Get More Info or Book Directly, 

    Reach Out to Gema +34 625 13 06 96

    Walk around The Alhambra with a passionate architect 

    It is not just about visiting somewhere, but immersing yourself and becoming part of it.

    Masquetours provides tailor made tours, customized and designed for you, a unique and exclusive experiences depending on your interests.

    We want you to fall in love with Andalusia.

    In Blanca's own words:

    "I founded Masquetours to offer the most inquisitive travellers different tours, without any hurry to appreciate every space and detail. 

    I am an architect specialized in Heritage, city and Andalusian architecture. My concept of a guided tour goes beyond mere information: its is an experience of knowledge of the place, an authentic immersion in Andalusian towns and villages." 


    Take a Tapas Tour With Us

    Limited Availability

    If you're enjoying our serie Marbella Food Tours, then why not coming out with us to try some of the most authentic tapas bars around town?

    As we're all busy bees, we're not always available, but do reach out if you're interested in coming out with us and we'll find away for the right people!

    Daniela WhatsApp +34649999867 - 

    Be brave and try at least one of them on your next visit, you won't be disappointed!

    And mention Daniela & Vincenzo of Skol Apartments Marbella when booking, who knows? You might get and extra something!

    Please do not forget to let us know how it went

    This is a one-of-a-kind experience to really immerse you in the Andalucian country culture: learning about goats.

    Drive to Casa Bermeja, just behind Malaga, and you'll get to meet the Malaga goat, how they're bred and how the cheese is made. Spend the day in the beautiful surroundings and see something different than the beach.