Welcome Owners

How we work

As you can see from our website, we only offer short-term rentals. We do not offer long-term rental management.

We're passionate about what we do and so is our team of professionals. We are on-site every day to ensure that everything is under control.

What’s more, we have employ local businesses to ensure anything that needs to be taken care of in your apartment is carried out quickly, professionally and at a preferential rate.

We are as crystal clear with owner clients as Marbella’s sea on a calm and sunny day. We’ll tell you if you need to update the apartment or consider a different pricing strategy.

We have everything covered from A-Z!

  • Preparing your apartment so that it’s guest-ready
  • Marketing
  • Handling enquiries and vetting potential guests
  • Bookings & payment
  • Check-in and Check-out
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Taxes and community fees payments
  • The guest experience

Sit back and enjoy the rewards

This means that as an owner, you’ll enjoy a happy, carefree process and a hassle-free regular income.

In fact, you’ll only hear from us with the balance of your rental rewards at the end of every month and you can always check on our live calendar to see how your property is performing.

Reasons to join the Skol Apartments Marbella family

  • Minimum 80% occupancy throughout the year
  • Passive income with a 4-5% ROI
  • Professional team on-site
  • A marketing formula that works
  • High percentage of repeat guest bookings

Join over 80 Happy Skol Apartments owners today and start reaping the rewards!

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Join the Skol Apartments success story with Daniela & Vincenzo

How wonderful to own a property in the heart of Marbella. To step out to the beach and the beautiful old town, and stroll along the promenade. 

If you are fortunate enough to own a holiday home in Skol Apartments, wouldn’t it be even better if you enjoyed a passive income when you’re not using it?

A proven track record

We have been managing apartments for owners in the Skol Marbella for 12 years and consistently achieve a minimum 80% occupancy rate for our clients.

Whether your Skol Apartment is a rental investment that you want to rent out all year long, or it’s your second holiday home and you want to block off time to enjoy the apartment yourself, our tried and tested formula achieves a 4-5% return on investment for owner clients. 

Our Guests

You’ll see from our website that we are focused on families and digital nomads. The reason behind this is that we can deliver on occupancy throughout the year.

Digital nomads tend to stay out of season and often book for several weeks, meaning your apartment doesn’t stay empty during the low season.

Couples and families come to Marbella during holiday season and love everything about Skol for it’s accessibility and facilities.

We know how to tap into both markets and have built up a strong reputation over the years that is unbeatable when it comes to getting your weeks filled year in, year out.

Marbella Ambassadors

One of the reasons behind our successful occupancy rates is the immense amount of work and dedication we put into social marketing.

Nobody has a passion for Marbella like we do and over the years we have built up a strong presence and following on social media.

We are recognised as ambassadors for Marbella and love sharing our passion with our followers through social campaigns, reviews and via our dedicated Skol Apartments Marbella website..

It’s a fact, that people do business with people they like and we have spent years building positive relationships with our followers. The more they see us enjoying Marbella, the more they want to come and stay with us.

Expanding our Skol Apartments Portfolio

Due to increased demand, we are looking to bring additional properties into our Skol Apartments portfolio.

We only manage properties on Marbella’s central beachfront with a primary focus on the Skol and complexes in the immediate central surroundings.

This is because we have a tried and tested forrmula. We know Marbella inside out and are able to give both owner and guest a premium service and our undivided attention.

We will assess your property and advise you if updates or improvements are needed to join the Marbella Holidays portfolio.