Things to Do in Marbella

With 300 sunny days a year, Marbella is mainland Europe favorite holiday destination all year long for its micro-climate and wonderful lifestyle.

You can choose from sunbathing, strolling on the 20 km long boardwalk, sit on one of the many bars, restaurants and beach-club to relax and/or watch the world go by, practice water sports or inland sports going for an active holiday or shopping (that could also be considered an activity considering 200 calories are burnt each hour spent doing it!)

Not to mention Golf in any of the 21 different courses, mostly designed by top international landscapers.

Or nightlife, with handful of parties to choose from every night of the year.

As you can see, Marbella is not only for the golden sand beaches and clear water, many surprises and experiences are waiting for you here, so do not wait any longer #BOOKYOURHOLIDAY

Here below are personal recommendation based on many hours of research...




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